Marlyn taught me as a teenager 20 years ago. I have since moved away and tried to find a guitar teacher in my new town. I’ve even tried subscription-based web learning, but no one was as good as Marlyn. He is the most knowledgeable and skilled guitar player I’ve ever met. He has a down to earth approach to teaching that provides the structure that a new player needs, and he’s versatile enough to meet the needs of intermediate and advancing guitarists looking to take their playing to the next level. Simply put he is the real deal. Needless to say, after 20 years I’ve found the guitar teacher that I’ve been looking for. I’m so glad I found out he teaches online now.

Derek T.

Adult, Guitar

I totally enjoy taking lessons with Marlyn. He is a very gifted guitarist and he does a great job of teaching it.
He makes it fun, is always patient, and works very hard to help you with each lesson. I`ve learned so much in the 6 years I’ve been taking lessons.
Sue T.

Adult, Guitar

I’ve been taking guitar and ukulele lessons with Marlyn for 8 years and I still love it. We work on songs, sight-reading, theory, and improvising. I keep learning more with each lesson, and he makes it a lot of fun with his sense of humor. His skills on the instruments he teaches are very impressive. I would recommend Marlyn to anyone wanting guitar or ukulele lessons.  

Catie N.

Adult, Guitar & Ukulele

After having taught alongside Marlyn at Menchey Music for nearly 20 years, I can say with great authority that he is a truly exceptional music instructor. Obviously, that means he is, first and foremost an outstanding musician- a fact to which I can attest after having performed/recorded with him many times. But that also means he is a knowledgeable guide, an effective communicator, an enthusiastic spokesman for all kinds of music, a supportive coach for learners of all ages and skill levels, and a kind, caring person in general. There`s a reason why Marlyn`s studio at Menchey Music was always full, and, I would advise anyone considering lessons with him not to give it a second thought.
Matt Hochmiller

M.M.University of the Arts, B.M. Temple University , Independent Instructor & Freelance Musician

I have been taking guitar lessons from Mr. Warner since 2019. Mr. Warner is a very kind teacher and he has a nice sense of humor. I like how he makes lessons fun, because he lets me choose songs I enjoy and teaches me how to play them. 

Easton J.

10 yr old, Guitar

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I’ve been taking guitar lessons with Mr. Warner for 4 years, and it’s been great. I play guitar for fun and he makes it fun. He shows me how to play the songs I pick, and he`s so patient.
Sean M.

Teenager, Guitar

I’ve been going to Marlyn for bass lessons for 28 years and I still enjoy it. That’s because he always has more for me to learn. I play for personal enrichment, not as a career choice. I’ve studied theory, sight reading, improvising and technique. Any tune I want to play is no problem for him. If we don’t have the sheet music he breaks it down by ear. He’s so easy to get along with and makes you feel relaxed so you enjoy the lessons. If you’re looking for a bass teacher that can teach any level ( beginner to advanced ) contact Marlyn.

Joe S.

Adult, Bass

I started bass guitar lessons with Marlyn when I was a teenager. I returned to lessons years later to study jazz bass. I can’t overstate how much he has shaped my knowledge, skills and appreciation for music. All total I have over fifteen years of experience as Marlyn`s student. He is a first rate musician, yet he has the ability to work with players at all ability levels. His friendly demeanor and patience make him a joy to learn from. He caters his lessons to what students want to learn, yet he makes sure his students are enhancing their skills. Whether it is reading music, using music theory, learning to improvise or fine tuning techniques.

Marlyn always finds a way to make you a better player. I highly recommend Marlyn to anyone wanting to learn and grow as a musician.

Paul L.

Adult, Bass

Marlyn Warner is the greatest and certainly the most popular and prolific teacher of the guitar to ever come out of York County. I taught woodwinds alongside Marlyn for nine years at Menchey Music and can attest to this. He is versatile in all styles, especially Jazz and Rock, easy to get along with and works well with students of all ages from the beginner to the advanced. Also I have played countless gigs with Marlyn for the last 40 years. When I hire him he can handle any tune I throw in front of him on the gig without any rehearsals. When he hires me we play a lot of his tunes which I really enjoy because he`s a great composer and arranger. He is very skilled at improvisation. Whether it is a student looking for lessons or someone looking for a musician to perform, you can`t go wrong with Marlyn

Dave Wilson

BS in Music Education, Lebanon Valley College, Class of 1988, davewilsonmusic.org

Taking lessons with Mr. Warner is a blast. We get a lot done and have a great time. I`m a big gamer and I love the theme music, like the Zelda tunes and Mario brothers. He works out any tune I want with his ear, comes up with an arraignment (even if it`s an orchestra version), and lays it out in tab or notes for me. Then he works on it with me till we can play it together. I trust his tab more than the stuff online.

Alex M.

Teenager, Guitar

I wanted to do this testimonial for Marlyn when I saw his website. I took lessons with Marlyn for 32 years. People ask me why I took lessons that long, it’s because I never stopped learning from him. He taught me everything I know and now I’m in 3 working bands and doing gigs every week. Marlyn always had a way of breaking things down so that I would understand it at the level I was at. He was always patient and fun to work with. If you take lessons from Marlyn you won’t regret it. He’s as good as it gets.

Marlyn always finds a way to make you a better player. I highly recommend Marlyn to anyone wanting to learn and grow as a musician.

Scott Hearn

Adult, Guitar, Unhinged

Marlyn is one of the best teachers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I started playing gigs with him when I was a teenager, and he is one of the best guitar players I know, have worked with, and have heard. He is well versed in guitar pedagogy, very versatile in all genres of music, and very easy to work with.No matter what the occasion Marlyn will take your event to the next level. As a music teacher in a public school in Baltimore MD, I understand the challenges around teaching music to students of all ages and learning styles. Also as a student coming to the guitar as a second instrument, and being proficient in another instrument, it is a challenge to not get frustrated and want to give up. Marlyn is able to navigate these challenges to help me gain success. Even when I face challenges he can push me with grace, and yet push me to my best. Marlyn is truly an expert teacher because he meets a student where they need to be met. He teaches each student the way they need and wants to be taught to maximize their learning and playing potential.  He is able to adapt to any situation and answer any question that may be thrown his way regarding the guitar, bass, ukulele, etc… From styles to pedagogy, repairs, maintenance, and just overall good musicianship, Marlyn can do it all. I highly recommend Marlyn Warner as a teacher and professional musician. You won’t be disappointed, trust me, I’m not.

Nicole R. Vandersloot

Adult, Guitar, Bass & Ukulele , B.S. Music Education, B.A. Music- Lebanon Valley College

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